Bowtote™ - A Hands Free Sling for Traditional Bows

There are many ways to use the BOWTOTE™

Bowtote™ is an easily adjustable sling designed especially for traditional bows. It is made to carry the strung or braced bow in many different hands free positions and works great for either left or right handed archers. It is used for longbows, recurves and selfbows, and carries both bare bows as well as bows with an attached quiver. It will fit over most bow tip protectors.


The Bowtote™ is indispensable for carrying the strung bow while hunting on horseback, hauling out game, biking to and from your hunting area, using binoculars, calling in animals, climbing*, or any time the hunter needs to have his hands free.



Built to withstand the rigors of hunting conditions!







*For safety purposes the Bowtote™ should not be used while climbing during tree stand hunting.

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